Scottish Country Dancing

Catherine Van paassen
St Andrews Church Hall

The Hokitika Scottish CountryDance Club meets on Wednesday evenings from 7 till 9 at St Andrews Church Hall. between March and November. Contact or just come along.

Scottish Country Dancing is  low impact and social - not to be confused with the high-energy Highland Dancing. You don't need to bring a partner, and  the dances are explained each time.  Some of the dances date back to the 1700s, and some have been made up just last year.The dances consist of formations like turning your partner with one hand, or dancing side by side down the row and back up to where you started - it's easy!. Here's an example, just copy and paste this link:

Scottish Country Dancing clubs operate all around the world, from Munich to Tokyo, Sydney to Vancouver. Research shows that dancing is the best way to keep both your   body and mind fit. Thinking and moving at the same time is better than sudoku for keeping your brain healthy. Come and have fun with us, it's what we do on Wednesdays!